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To log into your Chromebook, please use your Maestro username and password found in your Instructional Supervisor welcome email. If you have issues logging into your Chromebook, please contact the Technology Department.

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Maestro Overview

Students are provided a username and password when they are assigned an Instructional Supervisor. If you do not know your username or password, pleaes contact the Technology Department.

Documenting Offline Attendance

Student attendance is automatically captured if they are logged into their online coursework, however; students and their guardians can document offline educational activities using the Maestro Student Informatoin System. Examples of offline attendance can include:

  • Reading lesson material in a textbook.
  • Completing math workbook or practice problems.
  • Doing a science experiment.
  • Conducting library or Internet research for an assignment.
  • Composing an essay or written paper in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Watching an educaitonal video releated to the lesson material.
  • Doing a physical activitiy for physical education.

State Law requires an Ohio certified teacher to sign off on an offline attendance activity so please contact your Instructional Supervisor if you have any questions about documenting offline attendance.

Attendance Requirements

It is recommended that students work around one hour per subject per school day*. This ensures that students meet attendance requirements and progress through their courses in a timely manner. However, students may opt to work in specific subject areas if they choose as long as they meet the attendance goals below.

  • Students should have around 5.1 hours of documented time per school day.
  • Students should have around 25.5 hours of documented time per five day school week.
  • Students should have 920 hours of documented attendance at the conclusion of the school year if they were enrolled on the first day of school.

Course access is available 24/7. Students may work ahead if they choose or if they fell behind. Students are only permitted to receive ten hours of attendance per day (This limit is set by the Ohio Department of Education).

*Students enrolled in College Credit Plus or Vocational courses may have different attendance requirements.


House Bill 410

HB410 requires all Ohio Schools to implement an absence intervention plan for students under 18 that meet one of the following triggers:

Habitual Truancy Triggers

  • 30 consecutive hours missed (unexcused)
  • 42 hours missed in one calendar month (unexcused)
  • 72 hours missed in one school year (unexcused)

An Absence Intervention Plan is used to identify and correct habitual truancy. Once the plan is implemented, students that fail to improve their attendance may be referred to juvenile court for truancy. Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information.


Curriculum Navigation Overview

Please select your program below:

Student Handbook Review

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Notices and Legal Information

Please review the notices and legal information for your school:

Quaker Prep Academy

State Report Card (Not yet available)

Legal Notices and Policy Information

Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Safety Policy

Internet Safety Resources


Please sign the following agreements:

  • Photo Release Agreement
  • Student Agreement and Attendance Contract (this form is located in Maestro in the FORMS section).

Let's review the following School Compliance information:

Web Filtering

A web filtering system is requried by State Law to be installed on School issued computer systems. This application is available upon request if a parent or guardian would like it installed on a personal device.

The content filtering system protects against visual depictions that are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors, as those terms are defined in CIPA. All Web content is logged and subject to review. 

Cyberbullying and Self-Harm

Our School utilizes software designed to detect cyberbullying and self-harm in continuous operation, with respect to any computer system issued by the School and having access to the Internet. Alerts generated by this software may be sent to school staff, parents, and/or law enforcement. This software is designed to assist in the prevention of cyberbully and self-harm, however; the software cannot be relied upon as an exclusive measure of prevention. 

Acceptable Use Policy

To review our School Acceptable Use Policy, please click here.

Internet Safety Policy

To review our School Safety Policy, please click here.

Completing your Orientation and Enrollment

Please sign into the Maestro Student Information System and sign the student agreement to complete your orientation. Please note, you must also log into your courses on the first day of school to be enrolled.

Directions on how to complete the agreement can be found in the video below:

Thank you!

Thank you for reviewing the new student orientation! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Instructional Supervisor.