If you are like me, I use a GPS in my car to find unfamiliar addresses.  I have named my GPS because I tend to talk to it as she is always telling me things like “make a legal u-turn” or “rerouting”.  She actually sounds a bit mad at me when I take a different direction than she intended for me.  As we venture into this new year, we may be looking for new directions, such as health or simply trying new household rules or routines.  

Schooling your children at home can sometimes be just as frustrating as a wrong turn because there are multiple directions that you can take and no child learns in the same way.  You can look up many articles, blogs, books, or other helpful resources, but sometimes it all becomes just another frustration with too many choices or routes to take.

At QPA, we want to help you get on the right course to enjoy the years with your child while watching them grow and learn.  This year, we challenge you to take on a more manageable day- to-day pace, where you stop and take a breath when you feel that you need to reroute.  Stopping a lesson and continuing a little bit later in the day is the flexibility that we encourage, so that the learning continues without the frustration. Students usually realize in January that school is work and some of them shut down or rebel. It is this time when a little tough love is needed to keep your child on the right road toward learning.

Sometimes we are trying so hard to get to the destination that we forget that it is a journey. This year make your resolution to simplify your life by setting up a schedule that fits your family needs and takes into account the time of day that your child learns best. Think about the familiar roads that meet your family needs.  Is the morning the best time to learn or do you need a few hours to get moving? Do you have more success with doing a few minutes on-line and then cuddling up to read a good book? If you are a working parent, does afternoon fit better into your lifestyle?

Children learn best from parents who value education and understand the way they learn. Most importantly, treasure the time together.  Make memories with your children that they will fondly remember throughout their life. Remember, that we are here to help you through your journey.  Some days may seem  long and tough, but the years will go by so fast and your children will become adults in the blink of an eye. Enjoy the adventure!