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Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us help answer some of your questions you may have.

Our programs are available to all Ohio residents at no cost.
Computer Provided

A computer system will be provided or students may use their personal device.
Freedom to Learn
Students can access their courses from anywhere at any time of the day.
State Approved
Approved by the Ohio Department of Education for Statewide Enrollment.
Internet Reimbursement
Families can receive up to $40/month for Internet Reimbursement. Please see our ISP Reimbursement Policy for more info.
Military Enlistment
The military recognizes a diploma from QDA the same as a diploma from any traditional school. Students are encouraged to speak with a local recruiter if they are interested in the Military.

Are you affiliated with the Quaker religion?

No. We are not affiliated with any religious organization.  Quaker Digital Academy was started in 2003 as an online option for students attending New Philadelphia City Schools. The school mascot for New Philadelphia City Schools is the Quaker. Quaker Digital Academy has since expanded into a statewide school and to avoid confusion we often are referred to as QDA.
How will my student know what to do?
With twenty years of experience, we have fine-tuned the online educational experience to ensure students are successful. The foundation to a students success starts with an orientation that will show students and their families how to access their coursework and navigate the various resources available. 
What are Instructional Supervisors?
An Instructional Supervisor (IS) is the point of contact for the student and their family. The IS is responsible for monitoring student progress, attendance, keeping families informed of school events, and being available to answer questions.
How are you different than other Ohio online schools?
We have multiple offices located around the State of Ohio staffed by members of the community. We do not use a management company, outsourced technical support, or have call centers. Call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032 if you have any questions.
Will my student receive live instruction​?
Our curriculum is configured so students can work at their own pace, at any time. There are no scheduled class times that students are required to attend. However, we do offer supplemental learning opportunities for students to meet with their Instructional Supervisor and fellow students.
What are the supplemental learning opportunities?
Our Instructional Supervisors hold video conferences that students can attend if they wish. These sessions are a blend of eductional and social engagement activities. Each grade level also has a class advisor that holds periodic meetings to plan and implement class projects to help the school and community.
Are there field trips?
Yes! We plan regular field trips across the State of Ohio throughout the school year. Visit the events calendar page to find an upcoming event.
Do students attending online schools have to meet the same standards as traditional schools?
Yes! Quaker Academies is an online public school and is tuition-free. We adhere to the state mandates, such as state testing, and our curriculum follows the Ohio Learning Standards.
How much time will my student spend doing school work during the day/year?
The beauty of our school is that a typical day is whatever works for your family. There is an attendance requirement of 25.5 hours per week, which you may structure however you wish. Students may work any day of the week, but not work more than 10 hours per day, according to state law. For example, if your child works Monday - Friday, he/she will spend 5.1 hours per day to fulfill their attendance requirement.

At the end of the school year students must have 920 hours of attendance (if they enrolled on the first day of school). 

How does State Testing work?
We are a public, online school and therefore we do give the Ohio State Tests. Students in grades 3 - 12 have state-required tests that they must take in-person. In addition, students take the STAR test. This test is taken two to three times a year to measure student growth and progress. Students in K-8 will take the test remotely. High school students will have to attend a testing location (State Law).
Do students go to school all year, or do you follow a typical school schedule?
Our school follows a typical school calendar with classes starting in September and ending in June. Our school calendar can be found here.
Do you offer College Credit Plus Courses?
Yes, we do offer College Credit Plus. For more information, please visit our College Credit Plus page.