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Our Curriculum Options

Quaker Academies use various curriculum programs in order to meet the needs of students. Our program at K-2 focuses on hands-on learning. Because of this, students receive a box of educational materials at these grade levels. Students in grades K-5 all receive instruction that encourages academic engagement. Middle and high school students are immersed in rigorous content which supports all learners. We strive to provide experiences where students can showcase critical thinking and creativity. Further, students’ individual learning needs are met through accommodations in the curriculum by Ohio-licensed teachers. All curriculum programs are accredited and cover the Ohio Learning Standards.

Our curriculum marries research-based pedagogy and innovative thinking. For additional information, please select from one of the available options below.

Freedom to Learn

Our curriculum is designed to allow students to work at their own pace at anytime!

Freedom from Anywhere

Our curriculum can be accessed from any web accessible device.

No Set Classtimes

Our curriculum is delivered asynchronously so students can work when it's convenient.

Tutoring Services Available

Students have access to tutoring services at no cost.

Work Based Learner

Have a job? Students can earn high school credit through work-based learning.

College Courses

Students can take college courses through college credit plus (application required).

Career Center Students

Students can take their labs at a career center and core classes with Quaker Digital Academy.

Supplemental Learning

Field trips and virtual lessons are available throughout the year for all grade levels.

Chromebook Provided

Students are provided a Chromebook for the duration of their enrollment.

Internet Reimbursement

Families can be reimbursed up to $40 per month during the school year.

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