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National Honor Society

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, Quaker Academies proudly inducted 18 new members into the National Honor Society and 3 new members into the National Junior Honor Society.  Dr. Richard Varrati, Ed.D., CEO, welcomed inductees,  guests, and family members, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, and introduction of board president, Mr. Gil Snyder and board member, Mrs. Vickie Wittkop.  


Mrs. Debra Kennedy, Superintendent, was the master of ceremonies, and introduced the lighting of the candles led by NJHS member Ethan Ernst:scholarship, NJHS member Veronica Vaughan:service, NHS member Sayje Hill:leadership, NHS member Kameron Rufener:character, and NJHS member Gideon Rufener:citizenship.  A group recitation of the pledge was completed on stage.


The following students were inducted into the National Honor Society:

Parker Agnew, Mateo Ajanel, Aletheia Brooks, Robert Brown, Joan Calerhead, Brylee Clapham, Elizabeth Desser, Evan Ernst, Kai Flinner, Dani Hobart, Abigail Hobbs, Jillian Huff, Marshall Miller, Sophie Quinn, Lincoln Rufener, and Ba’al Stewart.  Current members pinned the new members and a family tradition was passed on as Kameron Rufener pinned her brother Lincoln Rufener and Ethan Ernst pinned his brother Evan Ernst.


National Junior Honor Society inducted new members Jillian Mueller, Ariela Rufener, and Ava Shadle.  Current members pinned the new members with Gideon Rufener pinning his sister Ariela. The new NJHS members recited the pledge together on stage. 


A welcome reception was held in the gym following the ceremony with cupcakes and cookies.

Induction Ceremony