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Internet Service Reimbursement Form

Students are eligible for Internet Service Reimbursement of up to $40.00 per month. *

Please submit requests in a timely manner as we only reimburse bills TWICE a year incurred by SEMESTER.

Students must be enrolled and actively working to qualify for reimbursement. Please see the ISP Reimbursement Policy below for additional restrictions.

Internet Reimbursement Policy - This policy is subject to change.

All submissions must be received by June 15th for the current school year. No family will be reimbursement more than $40 per month regardless of the number of students enrolled.

Discounted Internet Service Options Available - Most broadband providers have discounted Internet options available. For more information, please click here.

The Internet Reimbursement Form with supporting documentation can be mailed or returned to an office. The documentation can also be submitted online through the form below. Please note, you must email the internet service documentation to us before we can process your request. 

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Please list any additional student that attends Quaker Digital or Quaker Prep here.

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Please enter the name the person that the check should be made out to. Must be legal guardian or student (if over 18).

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Please enter your full mailing address. This address must match the student's proof of residency on file.

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Please select at least one month.

Please check all of the months you will be submitting bills for.

Documentation Required

Once you submit this form you will receive a copy of the information you submitted with additional directions on how to submit a copy of your internet service bills. We can't process your submission without this documentation.

*Reimbursement Policy

Students must be enrolled and actively working during the months they are seeking reimbursement for. We must receive a copy of the bill showing internet service. The bill must include:

  • Full Service Address.
  • Service Period. The service period must show the start and end date of the billing period.
  • Line item charge. The charge for internet service must be clearly shown. We can't process your bill based on a summary page.
  • Reimbursement is capped to $40 per family per month regardless of the number of students enrolled.

All reimbursement submissions must be received by June 15th of the current school year. For additional information on our ISP Reimbursement Policy, please click here.

This policy is subject to change.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date the documents were sent to accounts payable for processing.