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Apply Today!

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Thank you for your interest in Quaker Academies! We are a tuition-free, non-profit public school. Apply today at no cost! If you have any questions or need assistance during the enrollment process, please do not hesitate to contact our enrollment staff!

Application system

Parents and Guardians

Our Maestro Student Information System allows parents and guardians to create an application for their student(s). This account will allow parents and guardians to monitor the application status and upload documentation. Once a student is enrolled this same account is use to monitor student progress, attendance, and receive information from the school.

Start Parent and Guardian Application

Students 18 and Over

Students may self enroll through our Maestro Student Information System if they are 18 or over and elgible to apply. Parent and gaurdian information is not required to complete an application.

Start 18+ Student Application

Available Programs

Our Maestro Application System is available for the following programs:

  • QDA - Grades K-12
  • QPA - Grades K-8
  • Adult 22+ High School Diploma Program

Students will be considered for enrollment in any program that they are eligible to be enrolled in.

Support: If you are having issues using the links above, please go to and select Apply Now to access the application system. For additional support, please visit our application support page, chat with us, or call us toll free at 1-866-968-7032.

First semester enrollment will close on Friday, October 7th. Applications for second semester enrollment will be available in December.

Submitting an application does not guarentee enrollment. Applicants should not be withdrawn from their current school. An official notice will be sent to the student's last school district once an applicant is officially enrolled.