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CCP Counseling Session

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Counseling Session for College Credit Plus Participation

This document provides confirmation of counseling for the College Credit Plus program.

The counseling session must occur before the student participates in the College Credit Plus program. Each public and participating nonpublic secondary school shall provide counseling services to students in grades six through eleven and to their parents before the students participate in the College Credit Plus program to ensure that students and parents are fully aware of the possible consequences and benefits of participation.

Counseling information shall include:

  • Program eligibility;
  • The process for granting academic credits;
  • Any necessary financial arrangements for tuition, textbooks, and fees;
  • Criteria for any transportation aid;
  • Available support services;
  • Scheduling;
  • Communicating the possible consequences and benefits of participation, including all of the following:
    • The consequences of failing or not completing a course under the program, including the effect on the student's ability to complete the secondary school's graduation requirements;
    • The effect of the grade attained in a course under the program being included in the student's grade point average, as applicable;
    • The benefits to the student for successfully completing a course under the program, including the ability to reduce the overall costs of, and the amount of time required for, a college education.
  • The academic and social responsibilities of students and parents under the program;
  • Information about and encouragement to use the counseling services of the college in which the student intends to enroll;
  • The standard packet of information for the program developed by the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. (See the for more information.)
  • Information about the potential for mature subject matter, as defined in section 3365.035 of the Revised Code, in courses in which the student intends to enroll through the program and notification that courses will not be modified based upon program enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs. The information shall include the permission slip described in division (B) of section 3365.035 of the Revised Code (attached).
  • Secondary schools must also provide information of the administrative rules of Course Eligibility (OAC 3333-1-65.12) and Underperforming Students (OAC 3333-1-65.13).
  • Information about Options A and B to include the following details:

Public Schools

  • Option A: The student/family will be financially responsible for tuition and the cost of all textbooks, materials, and fees associated with the College Credit Plus course.
    • Under Option A, the student/ family must work directly with the college to arrange to make payment
    • Option A allows the student to choose to earn both college credit and high school credit OR only college credit
    • Option A must be elected at the time the student registers for college courses
    • Students must inform the college and the secondary school of electing Option A and whether student wants to earn both high school and college credits or only college credits
  • Option B: The state of Ohio is financially responsible for the eligible course(s) in which the student chooses to enroll.
    • If Option B is selected, the funding for the course will be deducted from the
      secondary school and redirected to the college.
    • The student will receive high school and college credit.
  • Combination of Options A & B: Student/family chooses to be responsible for all tuition, textbooks, materials, and fees for one or more courses. If this option is chosen, the student must inform the college which course(s) will be under Option A and which will be under option B.
  • The final date to change the election of Option A or Option B is on or before the college’s no-fault withdrawal date

The student and the student’s parent shall sign this form stating that they have received the counseling required and that they understand the responsibilities they must assume in the program.

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This information is provided to students as required by Ohio Revised Code 3365.04 and Ohio Administrative Codes 3333-1-65.12 and 3333-1-65.13. Form created by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.