QDA Opens its new office in New Towne Mall.

The school is poised to locate its office in New Philadelphia’s New Towne Mall, using the space occupied by the former K-B Toy Store.

Beth and Kip McDade of New Philadelphia have three children – Maddy, 11, a 6th-grader; Tess, 9, a 4th-grader; and Isaac, 7, a 2nd-grader. They combine home schooling with the Calvert curriculum offered by QDA.

“I enjoy being right beside my children for their one-on-one education,” Beth said.

“We can work at their speed so that if they need extra help in one subject, we can take that time. They don’t have homework because they finish all their work in a shorter amount of time. That gives us the flexibility to extend their educations to field trips and volunteering.

“There is plenty of accountability,” she said. “Every 20 lessons they take a test which is sent to the teacher of that subject to grade. They get feedback and grades. One of the things we really like about QDA is that since it is part of the New Philadelphia public school system, the kids can participate in any extra-curricular activities such as band, sports or plays that are offered by the (public) school system.

“Not all charter schools do that. Tess and Isaac take speech therapy through the regular school, and they all participate in YMCA sports, youth soccer and activities at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts.”

The McDades hope their children will finish their educations through high school at the academy.

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