Hello QDA Students and Families,

New this year to Quaker Digital Academy is a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports System (PBIS). PBIS has been created to award students who demonstrate positive behaviors. 

Our matrix focuses on the “CARE” acronym- Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and  Effort.  At various times throughout the year, we will be exploring the benefits of each desired behavior. 

We want you to be recognized for doing what is right. Your instructional supervisor will keep track of the points that you have earned each week. The following are some simple ways you can earn points: being on pace with your courses, reaching the weekly attendance goal, attending Zoom meetings, tutoring and testing sessions, initiating help with a teacher, communicating with your instructional supervisor, etc. At the end of each nine weeks, based on the number of points you have received and your grade level, your name will be entered into a drawing for some excellent prizes. Every nine weeks, multiple prizes will be awarded. 

Please review the 2 attachments to understand how PBIS impacts you and your school. The attached matrix shows the expectation of positive behaviors. 

By recognizing your achievements in positivity, we want you to know that we “CARE” about you!